Neon & Advertising Clocks are much like signs, they advertise a product usually and they will also give you the correct time so this is a dual function object…They also make a nice night light and are a work of art. They can advertise every type product available..IE: Automobiles, Beer, Soda, Shoes, Clothing, Tobacco, Cigars, Cigarettes, Tires,, Radio, Television,

Air Transportation, Trains, Buses, Planes, Motorcycles, Gas Stations, Gas & Oil, Jewelery, Pawn Shops, Stamp, Coffee & Tea products, the list is endless. We have personally amassed a large selection of vintage clocks including vintage neon & advertising clocks, vintage time neon clocks like the brand Lackner , Glo Dial, Cleveland Clock Company, Canadian Neon Ray, NPI, Double Bubble, Aztec, Telechron, Federal, Crackle Tube,.Neon Action, Neon Clock Company of Los Angeles, Neon Clock Sales,Neon Display Products, Neon Electric Corporation, Seth Thomas, Ray Neon Instrument,Taylor Thermometers, Travel Time, Neon Products, Marvin Display, Correct Time, Say It In Neon, Pam Clock Company,Lewis Clocks, Electric Ad Clock, Everlite, GE, Curtis, All American, Brubaker, Lumi Dial, Roto Dial, Neo-Lite Attentioneer, Neo Craft  ….

Vintage Schilling Coffee Neon Clock

Old neon clock for Schilling Coffee

Vintage Beer sign Old Style neon clock

Antique Old Style Beer neon clock sign

Old Schmidt Beer Clock

Schmidt beer Clock

vintage Polly Stamps double bubble gas clock

Old Polly Stamps gas double bubble clock

Old Philco neon clock

Vintage Philco neon clock

Vintage Pepsi clock Telechron

Old Pepsi Cola light up Telechron clock

Old neon clocks

Vintage neon clocks

Old Nash neon clock

Vintage Nash neon clock

neon clock for Motorola OLD

neon Motorola clock sign

Mopar neon clock

1950’s Mopar neon clock

neon sign Ford clock

Neon Ford Clock sign

Iron Fireman Telechron light up clock

Telechron Iron Fireman clock

Indian Motorcycle neon Clock

NEON Clock for Indian MOTORCYCLE

Neon clock, gas station, 1940's, sign vintage, art deco

Neon hexagon clock vintage

Harley Davidson, neon clock, motorcycle

1940’s Neon clock for Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Clock advertising Cats Paw

Cat-Tex Soles clock

Cathedral Neon Clock

Neon Clock with revolving advertising drum

Neon Clock made by Glo Dial

Baby GLO DIAL neon clock

neon clock for Finks work clothes

Finks work clothes neon clock…”MY COLLECTION”

neon signs

porcelain neon clock face / with tire border…..all original….

Diner neon clock

Diner neon clock

Butternut Coffee Neon Clock

Butternut coffee neon clock from the 1950’s

Coca Cola Light Up Cock

Coca Cola light up clock

7- Up Neon Clock

7- Up neon clock

Coca Cola diner clock

Coca Cola diner clock

Old Ford neon clock neon products inc.,old signs

vintage Ford neon clock neon products inc.

1940's Art Deco diner clock

Diner clock Art Deco

Gruen world Time neon clock

1950’s Gruen world Time neon clock

Chevrolet Aztec neon clock

Aztec Chevrolet neon clock with sign marquee

Ford neon clock "SOLD"

Ford spinner neon clock sign………

Vintage Folgers neon clock

Folgers neon clock

old Cadillac Sales neon clock

Cadillac neon clock

D-X neon spinner clock

neon D-X Gasoline spinner clock

BRYANT neon clock

neon clock for Bryant Gas heating

OLD Porcelain neon Bank sign with neon clock

Bank sign with porcelain neon clock & sign

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