vintage sign collection

   Our vintage sign collection, Collection of old advertising, Automobile and Gas Station signs and other related items. Hence we have a large collection of auto signs and have collected them for many years. While I’d rather not  sell the signs in Our Collection however everything has a price &  we will price these at a “don’t want to sell price” for serious collectors….As a result they consist of mostly excellent condition porcelain and porcelain neons, neon clocks, Coca Cola signs and clocks and many other advertising items like “point of purchase advertising”.  Furthermore, Gas brands Like Mobil and Shell. Also Conoco and Husky and Texaco and Sinclair, Clarks and Lighting, D-X, Gasoline, Motor Oil., Etc.Etc. Also cars like Ford Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile, Marmon, Studebaker, Pontiac, Willys, Hudson, Nash, John Deere, I.H., Valiant, Rambler,Jaguar, Jeffery Four, Etc.. While I have been collecting advertising full time for over 30 years,  it all started when I was young collecting vintage signs.

Buy, Sell, Trade, Collect Old Antique Collectible Vintage Tin Metal  Signs

        While Tin vintage signs are the most common of all signage and come in many different size, shapes varieties & brands, porcelain is the favorite among most collectors.   Hence, our vintage sign collection of old signs, old porcelain signs, old antique neon signs, vintage sign.. Since the oldest are the best and many are lithographed on tin, newer signs are more affordable. Therefore some of these are more valuable than porcelain signs and are absolutely beautiful. Finally we have many and will try and get photos soon..

   As a result from collecting  we buy sell and trade all types of these signs. In addition examples are Coca Cola, Pepsi, Orange Crush, Grape Crush, Lime. Also Lemon. Dr. Pepper, 7-Up, Bubble Up, and the many other 100’s of  soda pop makers… Also there are tobacco, cigars, cigarettes , pipe, chewing…And products such as clothing, shoes, shirts, jeans which all are in our vintage sign collection.

    Furthermore we have transportation advertising which includes planes, trains, automobiles, trucks,cars, ships, boats, buses. And just a few of these brands are airlines like Northwest, TWA, United, Southwest. Also some of the different planes would be Piper Cub, Cessna, Boeing, Beechcraft and probably a 1000 others….an example of different signs for Bus Lines would be , Greyhound, jefferson Lines, Trailways, MTA and many others…some of the Railroad lines would be, Soo Line railroad, Great Northern, and the triangle lines from Chicago to St. Louis, and Kansas City the Transcontinental , Short Line  and many more of these….Finally these old signs are very collectible and have been appreciating in value more than most collectibles…..In conclusion you can build a great vintage sign collection.

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