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4 vintage signs to inspire you

If the first impression is what remains, this truth also works for those who want to enter your store for the first time. Your communication and marketing must be taken seriously. Vintage Signs

That’s why having a sign that speaks to your target audience and shows your company’s personality is essential. A good sign is what will make the facade of your store inviting and give that “you are welcome” touch to a  customer .

Want to know more about vintage signs? Then read on, as we have separated some special signs and some tips on how to choose the ideal one for you!

4 vintage signs to get inspired

Despite referring to the past, vintage signs are a modern solution for companies in different segments.

Retail stores, restaurants, offices, hotels and other segments can enjoy the beauty and distinction of vintage signs. They add glamor, creativity and can be made of the most varied materials.

If you do not want to opt for the traditional and want to stand out from the competition, the vintage sign may be the right option for your business.

Despite being sophisticated, it is an alternative with relatively low cost and that fulfils the function of highlighting a place, besides being a beautiful decoration item.

Here are some images that will inspire you to put a   vintage sign in your store:

There is no better way to attract potential customers to your store than a creative, attractive and well-designed sign. Vintage signs play this role well because they are flashy and can distinguish one company from another.

If you want an attractive facade full of personality that captivates and attracts more customers, it is important to make a good choice. After these inspirations, we believe that you must be convinced that vintage signs are excellent options!

Understanding this, we have separated for you some tips on how to choose the ideal vintage sign. Follow!

Some tips for choosing a vintage sign

When it comes to choosing a sign for your workplace, you must understand that you are making a very important decision. Your communication and marketing must be taken seriously. You need to choose carefully what type of sign is right for your business.

Thinking about it, meet some sign templates that can be a great option for you, both for commercial environments and for your home! Check out:

Sign with vibrant colour

Think of an ice cream parlour or a park, they are common environments in which we are sent for tasty and playful moments and sensations.

Still within this theme, large letters in dark colours could make these places very austere, which could alienate children and, therefore, their parents.

So, in these cases, choose:

  • vibrant and very vivid colours
  • highlight the joy and freshness of the place
  • Use lighting.

Handwritten sign

Very common in aesthetics and beauty salons, the handwritten signs give a sense of uniqueness. They present a figure closer to the owner of the establishment, as if it were a signature.

However, it is necessary to carefully analyze the design that will be developed in   the business logo , so as not to become an annoyance later and end up driving consumers away.

This type of sign is excellent in vinyl stickers and cutouts, with indirect or neon lighting, which are returning to fashion.

Marquee Sign

This option is related to the old hotels and cinemas, and in addition, brings a touch of glamor and a very vintage look. He is a great darling of the moment and very valid for facades that need a little more prominence.

This sign can be made with finishing, with dye or oxidized iron sheets.

Minimalist sign

This model is widely used by major brands with emotional appeals, such as Adidas, Nike, Apple and others.

Because the brand  is very strong, it doesn’t take much to identify it. A good option is the cut-out iron plate. This material is objective, simple and easy to understand, in addition to having very low costs.

Illuminated sign

This option is quite powerful if you want to convey a bold personality. This sign is very flashy! It was widely used in cinema in the past and now in commercial and home environments.

For this model, the ideal is that he is the “star” of the place. Thus, betting on a simpler or neutral decoration is a great way to further enhance this communication.

In bright signs, drawings and phrases can be used on site, or both together, depending on how you want to use it in your business!

You can produce yours with neon lights or with normal leds. Choose colors, sizes, among others, do what best matches your personality and values!

Now that you know inspiring models and some tips on choosing vintage signs, get to work. Start leveraging the success of your venture.

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at January 13, 2021

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