Vintage Neon Signs

Imagine a long time ago when special signs called Vintage Neon Signs first appeared in cities, making them colorful and bright. Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was something magical that happened. In the early 1900s, bright and colorful signs started appearing in cities. These signs were not like any others. They were made of something special called neon.

vintage gas and oil signs
Porcelain Neon 24″ United Service Neon Sign ( in my collection ) 
Vintage Neon Signs
Vintage Neon Sign Collection of the late Great Michael Dingman   Colorful Lights – The Story of Vintage Neon Signs in Cities

Imagine walking down a street and seeing signs that lit up like rainbows. That’s what neon signs were like! They didn’t just show the names of shops. they added life and color to the whole city.

People were fascinated by these glowing signs. They weren’t just signs. they were like stars on the ground, making cities sparkle and shine.

Neon signs quickly became famous. They weren’t just for advertising; they became symbols of what made each city unique. Imagine a city without its neon signs; it would be like a rainbow without colors!

Neon Signs Today – Facing Challenges in a Modern World

Fast forward to today, and neon signs are still shining bright. Even though we have lots of new types of signs and technology, neon signs haven’t lost their magic. They’re still symbols of what makes each city unique.

But now, in our modern world, neon signs face some challenges. With new technology and environmental concerns, some people are choosing other types of signs. However, many still appreciate the nostalgic charm and vibrant glow of neon signs, keeping them a beloved part of our streets.

Imagine a City Without Vintage Neon Signs

Can you imagine a city without its neon signs? It would be like a rainbow without colors!

So, next time you see a neon sign lighting up the street, remember the magic it brings to our world, filling our hearts with joy just like it did long ago.

Why We’re Talking About Vintage Neon Signs and What We Offer:

We proudly offer a wide selection of vintage neon signs, all 100% original. Explore our collection and bring a piece of that magical glow into your home or business today! We offer a full money-back guarantee. As a result, we guarantee all of our advertising signs are old, original, and especially relevant. Also No reproduction or fantasy. Most noteworthy I would be open to selling my whole collection of signs. Consequently very large and diverse it is 99% advertising. Consequently, the photos on my collection page are only a very small sampling of my collection.

This Vintage Porcelain Neon Signs collection has taken me 30 years To amass and I kept the best for last.

Most noteworthy, it’s all old, Vintage Porcelain Neon Signs and classic antique signs. Furthermore, situation, appearance, and lack of are important & impacts on value. In addition be very careful of thieves everywhere & especially on Facebook, eBay, and List. Also, we have created this Facebook page to make people aware of these scam artists.. (eBay Reproductions and Scam Artists Therefore do all Research before purchasing & Especially be careful on eBay.

Finally, do your homework or you will get ripped off & these thieves are everywhere

Therefore original Vintage and classic signs are highly preferred by lovers. For their beauty, sustained because of ancient values. For reasons like, they are art also they are excellent conversation items. These signs were Used to promote everything from A to Z, products like soft drinks industrial equipment to household equipment, key styles include porcelain (aka enamel), tin wood, fluorescent, incandescent neon, etc.

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