Vintage Gas Station and Oil Sign

"Old Gas & Oil Signs " Socony Vacum Mobil Gas porcelain sign
Old Gas & Oil Signs OLD Porcelain Sign D--X Gasoline
vintage signs. Old Gas & Oil Signs "In Our Collection"
Perfect Gasoline porcelain neon Wadams sign
Old Gas & Oil Signs Hudson sign,neon signs for sale
Johnson Motor Oil Vintage Signs

What Are Vintage Gas Station Sign?

Vintage Gas Station Sign and oil signs are old advertising signs that were used by gas stations and oil companies in the early to mid-20th century. These signs were made to promote various brands of gasoline, motor oil, and related automotive products. They are now cherished collectibles due to their historical significance, unique designs, and nostalgic appeal.

You can create a great MAN CAVE with original Vintage Gas and Oil Sign, pumps & globes. Also, old filling stations are a part of our great Americana and these types of collectibles have a beautiful artistic value.  We have many old vintage signs & some of these are old GAS & OIL Companies that used graphics. Some are beautiful and compared to a piece of art hanging on the wall.  Furthermore we pick up Vintage Gas and Oil Signs, Pumps, Globes occasionally.

This page is devoted to Automotive , Gas & Oil signs…..There may also be some other related signs. These signs are some of the most highly prized in the Antique Advertising collectors hobby. Especially the Gas & Oil signs as they can get very graphic.There are hundreds if not thousands of old brands of Gas & Oil signs.. The Automotive industry in the USA had over 4000 different registered car makers. Many of them only made it thru the paper registration process and never made one car..Then there were some who only made a few cars & Tucker comes to mind..

There are many Gas & Oil brands, I.E., Antique Porcelain Signs

Also other old Gas & Oil Signs are , Shell, Mobil, Mohmawk Gasoline, Mustang Gas, Holiday Gas stations, Magnolia, Texaco, Standard Oil, Buffalo Gas, Sinclair, Frontier, Gulf, Hudson, Flying A, Esso.  Also there are brands like Pure, Hancock, Richfield, Pathfinder, Quaker State , Wolfs Head, Richardson’s, Johnson Gasoline, Polly Gas,Havoline, Indian Gas.  Phillips 66, American Gasoline.. Furthermore  Red Indian, Musgo Gasoline, Beacon, Oilzum, Golden West, Derby, Union 76, Red Crown Gasoline, Marathon, Speedway, BP, Amoco, Atlantic Gasoline.  And also Castrol Motor Oil, Veedol, Skylark, Powerlube, Deep Rock, Dixie, RPM, Gargoyle, Ford Motor Oil, Cruiser Motor Oil.  Sunoco Gasoline, Lincoln, Navy Motor Oil & many many more brands of Oil & Gas….









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