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Our eBay Auctions…Original Old Porcelain Vintage Signs

I have been selling Old Vintage Signs on eBay  since 1998. Consequently, we have over 1100 positive feedbacks with no negatives. Our eBay name is road-relics & the link is  My eBay for road-relics. We travel the USA and buy some of the best advertising signs available. These signs are guaranteed to be old, original, vintage & as described, or your money back, minus shipping.

The items we sell — Original Old Porcelain Vintage Signs, Vintage Signs on eBay

Also, We buy & sell any great advertising however we have specialized in large porcelain neon signs. These are from auto dealerships, Café Signs, die-cut & figural. Furthermore Signs like the first Old Vintage Original porcelain neon signs for a 1950’s McDonalds. Also a Chicken in the rough which was one of America first fast-food chain. Also Die-cut fish, a Red Owl porcelain neon that is also die cut. We have. Furthermore  Old Vintage Original porcelain neon signs for Beer Companies. Also Tobacco signs for Cigars, Pipes & Cigarettes. I have Old Vintage Original  Motorcycle, Plane, Train, Bus, Ship, Trucks, Automobiles signs. Also Soda, Pop, Coffee, & Drink signs. Furthermore, if it’s cool & good condition we will buy or sell it. some of the page links… Auto & Gas Signs. .. Metal-tin-vintage-advertising-signs  …  Trade & Folk Art Signs  .. Porcelain Neon Signs

Old Original Vintage Neon Clocks & Advertising Clocks,Vintage Signs on eBay

We also love Old Vintage Original Neon & light-up clocks. There are many makers & you can see this on our vintage clock page. Vintage Neon & Lite up Clocks

               Some of our eBay auctions


Dutch Tire Patch Kit and.Northland Greyhound 1920’s Bus Sign

Munsingwear Porcelain Sign and Valley Forge Military Academy Sign

Ford Used Cars Sign porcelain neon

Old Antique Chimney Pot also1930’s Coca Cola Porcelain Sign

Cities Service Sign

Vintage Van Dam Cigars Sign

Waverly Rye Whiskey OLD Sign

Old Ford Shield   and 1920’s Keen Kutter Porcelain Flange Sign

1940’s Porcelain Neon Cafe Sign

Indianapolis Speedway License Plate

Farquhar Tractor sign 1930’s  ………………………1800’s Hernsheim Cigar Sign

1920’s Dentist Milk Glass Letter Sign  …………Polly Gas 1940’s porcelain Neon sign

Packard Sign 1930’s   ………………………

1920’s Bertram Mills Circus Sign Glass  ………..

1920 Admiration Cigar tin lithograph sign porcelain …..

OLD 1910 – 20’s Dentist milk glass sign   . …..

OLD Mazda light bulb display trade sign “very rare

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