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Exploring the Art and History of Roadrelics With Darryl Tilden.
Old Signs, Vintage Antique Signs, Advertising Signs & More About Us

We have been traveling all over the USA buying different Vintage Antique signs, Old Signs, Antique Signs, Collectible Signs. You will know more About Us when you go through the whole website.
We buy and sell several types of vintage signs like :Vintage signs,Old Signs, Antique Signs, Collectible Signs, Vintage neon signs, Vintage Neon Clock, Large Porcelain Neon Signs, Point Of Purchase Signs

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Vintage Pepsi clock Telechron "Vintage Neon Clocks" About Us
  • Old signs ……….Vintage Antique signs, Old Signs, Antique Signs, Collectible Signs
  • Vintage signs——-Porcelain neon’s signs
  • Antique signs——-Vintage Trade signs
  • Advertising signs——-Old Tin lithographs
  • many more kinds of signs—–Vintage neon clocks

Most of all you will find out that we are real and we only deal in real old & authentic merchandise. These include Vintage Antique Signs, Old Signs, Antique Signs, Collectible Signs . Furthermore Roadrelics buys and sells original signs & vintage neon clocks since I started over 30 years ago. Finally, this is some of what I have collected. Vintage signs, Old Signs, Antique Signs, Collectible Signs 

Finally we carry only Vintage signs, Old Signs, Antique Signs, Collectible Signs……..Hence, We mostly buy the signs from late 1800’s to 1950’s. Also We will pay the amount as per the quality and quantity of the signs. And we pay highest prices for the best signs. Also we sell only 100% guaranteed signs. Therefore If any issue is found, the company will refund the full amount minus any shipping charges. Also if you want more information or want to know more about us, Please do not hesitate to call us {612-723-1999] or drop an email to us.

Contacting us about appraisal or “what is my sign worth ??"

I have been inundated with phone calls & emails about this subject. I am not in the appraisal business however if you must know, this is my standard response…. Hello..
Because of an overwhelming response from people wanting to know the value of their advertising piece or sign, I have stopped doing this…..For many reasons including legal this has become impractical, however if somebody insists on a appraisal I will take the time & effort to do it properly…This would take a couple of days & the charge would be $125 ….You will need to supply high resolution photographs of entire sign, close ups, photos of any makers mark & also photos of the back…Thanks for understanding Darryl

I have been collecting something ever since I was a child. In the early 1970’s I started buying Vintage Antique Signs and and primarily Coca Cola. As time went on I expanded my collecting and focused hard on VINTAGE NEON CLOCKS. After the OLD ADVERTISING CLOCKS I noticed that not many people like the big signs & they were very cheap. The reason was that not many people had the room to display a lot of the large signs, so they went small. Then the car collectors who had bigger buildings started collecting & displaying these large cheaper signs. There are many car collectors and the price started to sky rocket, especially for the VINTAGE PORCELAIN NEONS ..THIS TREND IS STILL HAPPENING AND THE CAR COLLECTORS HELPED DRIVE THE MARKET TO WORLD RECORD PRICES..

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We set up at a few swap meetings around the country places like Hershey Pa., Iowa Gas, Brimfield Ma, Chicago Coin-Op @ Pheasant Run in St. Charles, Indy Ad show in Indianapolis….Also I can meet, pick-up, deliver at most of these shows. Also these webpage will give you an idea of the merchandise I handle. Vintage Antique.

Signs:  Auto Gas & Oil signsPorcelain Neon & other Vintage Signs ……Our Old Sign Collection ….Old Metal Signs …..Vintage Tin & Metal signs ……Old Authentic Porcelain Signs ……Old Misc. SignsOld Trade & Folk Art Signs 

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