Vintage Neon Signs

Vintage Neon Signs

Antique Neon Signs

By Darryl Tilden


Antique Neon Signs & some History

 Old Neon Signs, Collectible Neon Signs can be a reminder of way to advertise starting in the late 1920’s & because of LED lighting neon is becoming much more rare as a way to advertise. Georges Claude was the first to bring Antique Neon Signs to the USA in the 1920’s & a Los Angeles Packard Automobile dealership was the first to receive this neon sign..


Antique Neon Signs

spread across the country very quickly & Times Square was soon lit up by this light called :Liquid Fire”..Actually Claude came up with these technologies much earlier and in 1910 he present this technology at the 1910 Paris Motor Show….I go into this a little deeper on another blog I wrote…..History of Vintage Neon Signs

Antique Neon Signs , Old Neon Signs, & some History

Jean Picard noticed a faint glow in his barometer.  in 1675 and specifically when it was shaken. Static electricity was not understood at this time & it was not until many years of accidental and scientific discoveries that neon finally was discovered and used in a practical application. Then seven years after Claude refined & patented the neon process a General Electric employee named Daniel McFarlan Moore developed the first miniature neon glow lamp. .This lasted until they development of LED lights in the 1970’s.

Old Neon Signs,

Museums of Neon &

Antique Neon Signs of

America…VINTAGE NEON SIGNS, Antique neon Signs, Old Neon Signs, Collectible Neon Signs

 Antique neon Signs, Old Neon Signs,

First of all The Sign museum in Las Vegas has a nice selection Neon Sign Museum however my personal favorite is The American Sign Museum  with Todd Swarmstead owner & curator.  This is typical of Las Vegas where they have a old sign boneyard and is actually part of the museum tour.  Among some of the more popular vintage signs here are The Startdust, Golden Nugget. Also Binion’s, Ceasar’s Palace, Silver Slipper and many others.The American Sign Museum is contained in one building & in my opinion has the best Americana, diverse antique sign collection in America.. Its truly an eye opening experience of vintage signs..

Preserving & Collecting Antique Neon Signs, Vintage Signs Made in America, Americana

If you want to start a collection of these signs now days , it can be very expensive. You can start with skeleton window hanging neon’s which are more affordable. If your pocketbook allows you can move into the bigger outside porcelain neon’s. There is a big range in price for these starting with home appliance dealership  signs. Also they can go up in price significantly when you start collecting automobile dealership, figural, die cut, graphic porcelain neon’s. Gas Station or Oil company  signs with graphics can be some of the most expensive. Furthermore there is a starting point for everybody and you can find many great signs for sale  at…..You may buy Vintage Porcelain Neon Signs …...also some other great advertising can be bought here  Automobile & Gas & Oil VINTAGE SIGNS Vintage Metal Signs  ….Vintage Porcelain Signs  ….  Antique Trade & Folk Art SIGNS… Vintage Neon & ADVERTISING CLOCKS …  Misc. Old Antique Signs ….

Starting a Vintage Neon Sign Collection

People can collect antique neon signs according to a  brand, theme, time period or a little of everything.  As a result Starting a Vintage Neon sign collection can be very rewarding of our great Americana & Whatever you start collecting  you will need the appropriate space to house it..Many of the car collectors already have big buildings and the large Vintage porcelain neon SIGNS fit in perfectly.  However if you like the smaller Vintage Neon skeleton Beer signs, your basement or man cave will work nicely.

Antique Neon Signs
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