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How To Make Porcelain Signs

Let’s learn more about How To Make Porcelain Signs. The Germans created Porcelain Signs, also known as Enamel Signs for the first time. These signs consist of multiple layers of powdered glass. Glass is ground and the tine glass particles are fused color after color. Rolled iron is the base which will be divided into different shapes.

We ourselves can make customized Enamel Signs in our homes and can draw images or write words on them. It will take hardly two hours to make Porcelain Signs by the DIY method. The equipment and other materials required to make the Enamel Signs are available in hardware stores as well as the shops that supply various products for home improvement. By following the DIY method one can make the enamel signs according to his own imagination. Those who make use of their best creative skills can make awesome porcelain signs.

Decoration of porcelain with custom signs

By applying porcelain paints one can create custom signs on porcelain surfaces. Ordinary type of painting is very difficult on a porcelain surface. When a porcelain surface is to be painted first the bonding agent is to be applied and the bonding agent is specially made for porcelain surfaces. When acrylic urethane paint is used the bonding agent ensures proper adherence of the paint on the porcelain surface.

First the porcelain cup or any other utensil which is to be painted is washed and dried. The signs or words are drawn on the surface using a pencil. Then the signs are drawn using markers. Finally paint is applied on the signs. Thin layer of acrylic paint will provide a light tint and the paint is to be applied thickly to obtain texture. If acrylic enamel paint is used, it will dry quickly. Though it is diluted with water, this enamel paint is water-resistant. After applying the paint the painted utensils are heated for 20 minutes at 350 degrees Celsius and then allowed to cool completely.

Procedure for making Enamel Signs

First draw the sign which you want to make on a paper and measure its size. Then create the pattern on a cardboard and cut the sign out of the cardboard. Using the cardboard sign and a sharp pen carefully draw the pattern on a metal sheet. Slowly and very carefully cut the sign from the metal sheet using tin snips.

The next step is to paint the metal piece. In order to make the surface free of dirt and grease, wipe the piece of metal sheet with petrol. Then apply a single coat of metal primer and allow drying completely. Once it is dried you can paint the image or the words that you want to include in the Porcelain Sign. You can use any paint for this purpose.

As a result of the painting the sign gets a glossy finish and the enamel also acts as a protective finish. After drying completely paint the metal sign with clear enamel paint. A roller brush may be used to apply the enamel paint. The roller brush ensures to make a smoother finish and apply two coats of the enamel paint. Before painting the second coat ensure that the first coat is perfectly dried

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