Vintage Collectibles

Vintage collectibles are special. They carry stories, memories, and old history. From old toys to classic cars, these treasures take us back in time. Let’s explore their charm.

Stepping into History 

Imagine walking down a cute, old street, with cool buildings and busy shops all around. While you walk, you see a faded sign hanging on a store. It’s like a piece of history right in front of you! Every Vintage signs has its own story. For example, think of an old Coca-Cola sign in a diner. It reminds us of the good old days when soda was a big deal and jukeboxes were cool.

You can see Vintage Sign Displays are part of what we handle. In addition, you can see all types of miscellaneous signs and all are Vintage signs,  advertising, and collectible signs. Especially relevant are Soda, Pop and Barber Shop, Brewania, Petrolania, Soda, Oil & Gas, and Automobile. These are just a very few we handle. More examples are  Tobacco, Cigar, and Automobile. For instance, the Fire Department, and Taxi Cab. also love transportation signs,  like buses, Plane, Train, Ship, Boat, Car as well as Truck. a user can find so many automobile brands like Ford, Chevrolet, and Pontiac. Buick, Dodge, Plymouth, Marmon, Rambler REO Trucks, Studebaker. Also the list is endless for collectible signs. To Clarify we have been buying & selling anything like Old Tin signs, antique advertising, Vintage Neon Clocks for over 40 years. Also have been collecting them even longer.  as a result, this comes with an experience that can only be learned from actually doing it. Due to many people in this hobby, probably who started a few years ago or less have no idea how to tell the difference between good Indian reproductions and great originals made in America. Frankly, many don’t care.

Vintage collectibles: Honesty, Neglect, and Strategy

Consequently, some of these people are honest while they don’t have the experience to tell the difference; also others just plain don’t care and have the philosophy that a sign is a sign. Who cares when and where it was made, others are just plain thieves who will do and say anything to make the sale and get your money. Finally, I get calls and emails almost daily from people trying to get a value on their sign, but I’m not in the appraisal business…..

We buy good collectible signs, Porcelain Signs however it is annoying getting all these emails and telephone calls only to find the person is just basically running a private auction and wants to sell to the highest bidder. Therefore I do get the vintage signs because I’m a high bidder.   If you call or email me for a price for your collectible signs, we will not answer with ” What is your offer”. We will actually give you the price and in many instances will negotiate a little bit. Maybe throw in shipping or take a percentage off the total. in other cases, I can’t offer a discount due to what I’ve paid.  Hence, you can buy with confidence with full money-back guarantee, minus the shipping !!!!

Vintage Collectibles: Why We Collect Antique Signs?

For people who love history, finding antique signs. They search everywhere, from flea markets to online auctions, looking for rare signs and cool finds.

Keeping History Alive: As time goes by, antique signs become even more special. Some people work hard to keep them safe and looking good, so we can enjoy them for years to come.

Adding Old Vibes to New Places: Even though antique signs are really old, they still look cool in modern places. You might see them in fancy homes or cool shops, adding a touch of history and style.

Looking Back is Fun! In a world where everything is new and shiny, antique signs remind us of simpler times. They’re like little time capsules, showing us cool stuff from the past. So, next time you see one, take a moment to enjoy the history and stories it brings with it.



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