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Vintage Neon Clocks


Vintage Neon Clocks, Vintage Advertising Clocks

Vintage Neon Clocks, Vintage Advertising Clocks are just like signs but, they serve two purposes – they give advertisement for a product and also serve as public clocks which show the correct time. These clocks are artistically made and they provide amazing illumination in the night.  Neon clocks are used to advertise all types of products like dresses, home appliances, insurance policies, automobiles, footwear, beer, soft drinks, electronic items, Gas & Oil Stations,  and the like.

Neon advertising clock comes in a variety of size, design and color. These lights are very effective in pulling the attraction of people. The neon wall clock is widely used in the fields of marketing and sales promotion. Vintage Neon Clocks are used for advertisement purpose in the business community. Furthermore as a whole considers the Neon Clock as an effective tool to promote their products. In super markets and other big shops the neon clocks are kept outside as well inside the edifice in order to promote a particular product or a particular brand.

Evolution of the Neon Clock

From history we come to know that in the last quarter of 19th century the scientist called Georges Claude invented the neon light. The modern wall clock was invented in the year 1920. The Vintage Neon Clock took shape as a result of the integration of neon light with the wall clock. Neon lights with different hues were attached to the ordinary wall clocks. That lead to the creation of the first generation of neon clocks. The collectors of antique items will be having exciting collections of vintage neon clocks.

Many vintage neon clocks bear the logos of various brands that are popular in the market. However, in the past, specifically in the  and 20th century the neon clocks were to be seen only in soda fountains. During those days, people enjoyed drinking the soda while watching the neon clocks in different colors. The vintage neon clock comes in different designs such as Beverage Neon Clock. Also Liquor Neon Clock, Neon Sports Clock, Aviation Neon Clocks, Auto Neon Clock and Music Neon Clocks.

Modern Neon Clock designs

There are many modern neon clock designs such as the GTO Neon wall clock, Big Boy Neon Clock, Betty Boop Neon Clock, Thunderbird Neon Clock and so on. Also vintage neon clocks which are more relevant to media are of exclusive designs. The Movies Neon Clock, TV Neon Clock and the Star Trek Wall Clock are some of the media-related   newer neon clocks. Those who watch the vintage music neon clocks can enjoy the new figurative music. The vintage music  neon clocks are very popular among music lovers. The Rock Ola Music Neon Clock and the Wurlitzer Music Neon Clock are examples of music neon clocks. Handcrafted custom neon clocks are now available and they are amazingly beautiful.

Vintage Neon Clocks of both retro and contemporary designs are available today and all these clocks are of stunning beauty. For a lot of businesses, the Vintage Neon Clock is the center of attraction. Since people enjoy the warmth and elegance of these neon clocks and feel very comfortable, they will not be in a hurry to leave the venue.

The makers of the Vintage Neon Clocks are committed to provide the customers with products of the best quality. Also finest design as well as craftsmanship and these neon clocks really facilitate the growth of the businesses.

     Old Vintage Neon Clock Makers

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