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Road Relics is a pioneering service provider of vintage and antique advertising signs & Vintage Neon Clock Parts. Darryl Tilden has been collecting vintage signs since his childhood. In the early 1970’s he started buying it. He expanded collection by travelling all across USA. We pride ourselves to carry an extensive collection of vintage porcelain signs, auto, gas and oil signs, porcelain, tin and metal advertising signs, displays, neon and vintage advertising clocks, trade and folk art type signs. The antique porcelain signs are the most collectible items comes in many different sizes, shapes and brands. At our website, you can take a view of the oldest signs that are lithographed and stenciled.

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Such collectible items are more valuable nowadays; especially gas and oil, automotive and other rare antique signs. If you are looking for such unique collectible items then do not look further and rely upon Road Relics. We sell, buy and trade old signs that have its story of uniqueness. An old item no matter what, has always a worth in all century all across the world.

With over past 30 years, we have been selling and buying antique neon clock and Vintage Neon Clock Parts as well as other items. After such an immense effort of long years, now finally we have come up with one of the best ever collection of old signs. You can visit our website and explore the special collection which is rare and hard to find. Apart from that, if you also have any late 1880’s to 1950’s antique signs then we can buy. But, we only pay the amount as per the quality and quantity of the signs. Road Relics pay the highest prices for the best signs. Hence, click a high resolution picture of the sign from all sides and its producer also, if possible to get best rates of the item.

Along with buying, we sell only 100% guaranteed old signs to customers fond of collecting such unique items for different purposes. Our company provides full refund if you found any issue in the delivered product. Apart from that, if you are searching for the authentic large old metal signs for saleLinks to an external site. then Road Relics is a right place to buy from. We provide all types of large tin and metal signs of Coca Cola, soda, Pepsi, Grape Crush, Lime, Dr. Pepper and many hundreds of soda pop makers. You can also buy vintage advertising signs or merchandise of tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, automobiles, airlines, railroad lines, ships, boats, buses and trucks. Such genuine advertising signs can be used for different purposes like home decor, marketing and promotion, gift items and as unique collectible items.