Old Porcleain Neon vintage Signs

How to Choose the Perfect Vintage Sign for your Business

Marsh Maxwell
by on January 11, 2021


The Vintage Sign of a business is a real business card: based on it, people will decide whether or not to enter your shop, bar or restaurant.

But how to choose a sign that allows you to effectively communicate the distinctive characteristics of your business and, at the same time, manages to attract potential customers? Here’s what to look out for:

Keep in mind the legislation on signs: According to the law governing the legislation relating to signs, law no. 75 of April 24, 2002, article 2 bis , a sign is ” written in alphanumeric characters possibly completed by symbols or trademarks, created and supported with materials of any nature installed at the site of the business to which it refers or in ancillary appurtenances to the same “. So the sign must physically be in correspondence with or in the immediate vicinity of your business.

In addition, there are other bureaucratic aspects to consider: any authorizations from the owner of the road where the activity takes place (for example Municipality, Province or Anas), the constraints to be respected according to the municipal regulation and if the sign is subject or not for taxation.

Knowing the competition: analyzing and studying the signs of businesses competing with us at the local level is useful for finding distinctive elements to design your own sign.

Knowing your customers: What is the target of my business? Who are the potential customers? What are their needs and expectations? How can my commercial offer satisfy them? What are the expectations of potential customers? How can my business satisfy them? If we know our potential customers thoroughly, we will know which graphic solutions and which communication styles can capture their attention.

Clarity, Simplicity, Visibility : “less is more ” – it does not mean that to have better visibility it is necessary to use complicated shapes or very elaborate images. The clarity and simplicity of the shapes and fonts, if combined with elements that guarantee greater visibility – as in the case of neon and LED for illuminated signs – are able to communicate directly and immediately their business and, at the same time, they capture the attention of potential customers.

Coordination with the other elements of the image : the sign must perfectly reflect the interior furnishings and all the distinctive visual elements of your business.

Choosing a partner to trust: as we have seen, the sign is like a business card and the success or failure of a commercial activity can depend on it. But how to choose the ideal partner to commission your sign?

First of all, it is necessary to evaluate which phases in the production process are manned internally and which externally, from design to installation. If the company carries out all the activities internally, there will be advantages in terms of costs, delivery times and, at the same time, maximum coordination between all phases, from the graphic elaboration of the sketches to the installation.

It is also important to ask if the company has obtained the recognition of the professional technical requirements and is qualified for the CE marking of the signs.

The presence of a post-installation assistance service is also essential.

Roadrelics, with its 23 years of experience in the sector and the presence within it of all the skills, from the laboratory for the neon tube blower to the experts in digital printing, is able to supervise all phases, from design to installation of signs.

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