ANTIQUE Old SIGNS that we buy, sell, collect

                            by Darryl Tilden

I have been collecting, buying, selling ANTIQUE Old SIGNS and Antique Advertising for over 30 years. And some of my favorites are large outdoor porcelain neon signs. Also  Car dealerships , restaurants , Cafe, Beer, Bars, Oil and Gas. Also Barber Shop, and many other business’s. I first started vintage advertising clock, then very quickly moved into signs. There were many categories to start collecting and the list was endless. While Coca Cola & other soda companies had beautiful examples of advertising, there were other brands as well. Furthermore , Oil & Gas, Barber Shop, Food & Groceries, Beer & Brewania, Shoes Clothing..also there were Automobile signs, and other transportation companies. Like Train, Bus, Plane, Trucks, CarsBoat, Ship.     .Below are many example of these signs.

……Our Collection.…….Neon & Vintage Advertising Clocks

Below are some fine examples of Vintage SIGNS

Here are some links for other old signs:

Retro Planet


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