Porcelain Signs

Porcelain signs are like time travelers. They’re old but still shiny, telling stories from way back. Imagine big metal signs painted with colorful pictures. Finding real porcelain is like finding the best-hidden treasure. Check for bright colors that blend in, not just painted on. Real ones are smooth and perfect, with no bumps or scratches. They’re heavy because they’re built to last forever.

Vintage signs:. Johnson Oil, Porcelain Signs
vintage gas and oil signs. Porcelain Signs
Vintage Porcelain Signs OLD Porcelain United Service Sign
" Old Gas & Oil Porcelain Signs "Mobilgas wood diecut shield
Old Gas & Oil Porcelain Signs .OIL for Outboard Motors CONOCO
Valiant porcelain auto sign, vintage Porcelain Signs

Back in Time

Long ago, when cars were new and cities were growing, businesses needed ways to catch people’s attention. They found it in porcelain signs. These signs were tough—made from glass and metal. They could handle rain, sun, and snow without losing their colors.

History of Porcelain Signs

Businesses used them to promote all sorts of things, like soda and cars. In the 1880s porcelain signs were introduced in Europe, and then the USA started making them in the late 1800s. Made a very durable sign that has even lasted into modern times. Porcelain was phased out because of high production costs. Less durable Tin signs were also popular until the 1920’s however they also fell out of favor. These types of signs were usually painted, lithographed, screen printed, or stamped and were much less durable.

From Streets to Homes

Once upon a time, these signs were everywhere—on streets, buildings, and shops. But as technology grew, they faded away. People found new ways to advertise, like flashy lights and big screens. Yet, some folks still loved those old signs and brought them home.

Collect, Sell, Buy & Trade Old Antique Collectible Vintage Porcelain Signs

Antique Signs… Porcelain Vintage Signs are some of the most collectible of all signage and come in many different size, shapes varieties & brands. The oldest are the best and many are lithographed or stenciled. Some of these are going up in value by the day, mostly Porcelain Gas and Oil signs, Automotive and other rare signs. The more colors the more they are worth We have many Antique Porcelain Signs and will try and get photos soon….I buy, sell and trade all types of these signs.

Few Examples Of Antique Porcelain Signs

There are many other types and categories of Porcelain Vintage old Signs collectible formats also. Examples would be, Door Pushes & Pulls, Paper, Cardboard, glass ….Although some collectors focus on certain fields & even narrow it down further to certain brands we collect everything from A-Z in Antique Advertising. Some of these fields like Oil Gas, automobile, Beer, and Soda have become very collectible and expensive.

Are Porcelain Signs a Good Investment?

Porcelain signs can be a great investment for collectors and fans of vintage stuff. Their value depends on how rare they are, how well they’re kept, and how important they are historically. If you find a rare sign with a famous brand or design in perfect condition, it could sell for big bucks at an auction – think thousands of dollars! So, if you come across an old porcelain sign in your attic or at a flea market, it could be worth keeping or selling for a nice chunk of change!

Other brands like Gas & Oil are Mobil, Shell, Chevron, Esso, Exon, Gulf Hancock ..Husky, Holiday, Lietning, Marathon, Sunoco; Clark Conoco, Coca Cola, soda, Pepsi, Orange Crush, Grape Crush, Lime, Lemon. Dr. Pepper, 7-Up, Bubble Up, and many other 100’s soda pop makers…there are also tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, pipe, chewing…also products such as clothing, shoes, shirts, and jeans …then we have transportation advertising which includes planes, trains, automobiles, trucks, cars, ships, boats, buses and just a few of these brands are airlines like Northwest, TWA, United, Southwest and some of the different planes would be Piper Cub, Cessna, Boeing, Beechcraft and probably a 1000 others….an example of different signs for Bus Lines would be , Greyhound, jefferson Lines, Trailways, MTA and many others…some of the Railroad lines would be, Soo Line railroad, Great Northern, and the triangle lines from Chicago to St. Louis, and Kansas City the Transcontinental, Short Line and many more of these….These Antique Signs are very collectible and have been appreciating in value more than most collectibles. Porcelain signs come in a variety of sizes styles and colors…They are some of the most collectible advertising signs in the industry because of their long-lasting beauty…we have many and below are some we have however we have many more…..Our inventory changes daily and I will try and keep this website up to date as much as possible

Neon Signs moved to America in the late 1920’s and became very popular. The 1st neon sign was introduced in 1912 to a Paris Barber. Because these signs were also expensive to make as these glass tubes were hand-blown & bent to form the letters or graphics. Then they were then filled with inert gases or neon, processed, and then hooked to a high-voltage transformer to get the desired effect. As a result, these tubes were very fragile and often times they broke. Later in the 1940’s & 50’s these custom-made signs were made in smaller quantities for businesses like Auto Dealerships, Clubs, Bars, Restaurants, etc. .. Mass-produced modern neon signs have also become popular with collectors. Most of all these brands are Soda, Beer, Candy, Tobacco and other up coming events.

Before you start collecting anything, due your homework, there are many thieves out there who will gladly take your money for new current reproductions or fantasy pieces, Also beware of restored signs being sold as all original….Thieves & Ripoffs on eBay

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