Original advertising vintage signs

Vintage signs are old signs. Everyone loves old signs because they’re unique and make us think about the past. They’re made of different materials like metal, wood, or porcelain with colorful neon lights. Show old ads for stuff like Coca-Cola, Vintage neon clocks, neon lights, or cars. Lots of people collect vintage signs or use them to decorate their homes or shops. We offer 100% original antique advertising, authentic Americana vintage signs, all with a money-back guarantee. Collect outdoor signage and decorate your home.

These old signs tell stories from the past. Some are from the early 1900s when Coca-Cola was new in the marketplace. Others show the style of the 1950s. Neon signs were cool in the middle of the last century. Now, people are very excited to collect them and love them for history.

The Role of Vintage Signs Stores

Vintage stores are like history keepers. They don’t just sell old things. They help us remember the past. When they buy and sell old items, they’re making sure that history stays alive. It’s like passing a storybook from one generation to the next. Each item in these Stores has a story. Who owned it before? Where did it come from? The answers might be a mystery, but that’s part of the fun! It’s like connecting with the people who used it long ago.

Uncovering History - Exploring Old Shops

When you find an old advertising sign or go to old sign shops, you learn about the past. You might see maps, pictures, or papers that tell stories about how your town used to be. It’s like going back in time close to home! Also, shopping and collecting the treasure for our home or business from these stores is good for the Earth. Instead of buying new things, you’re reusing old ones. You can decorate your dream space with cool stuff!

How to tell if a vintage signs is real?

When you’re trying to figure out if a sign is really old, there are a few things to look for.

Check the materials: it’s made of. Vintage signs are often made of metal, porcelain, or wood.

Look at the design and style: Signs from different eras have distinct looks, so see if the design matches up with what you know about that time period.

Another clue is the condition of the sign: Real vintage signs might have some wear and tear from being outside for years. And finally, if you’re not sure, it’s always a good idea to do some research or ask an expert for help.

Our Identity and What We Offer

We’re all about authentic Americana and advertising signs, vintage signs, Old signs as well as Vintage neon clocks. We love finding these treasures from all over the country and sharing them with you. When you buy from us, you can trust that what you’re getting is the real deal. We take pride in offering only original items, not the fake ones that try to imitate the real thing. Our prices might be a bit higher, but that’s because we believe in quality and honesty. You won’t find any replicas or counterfeits here.


All my  signs for sale are 100% guaranteed. We sell all original retro signs. Especially relevant to the original company issue Porcelain Neon Signs,  Antique advertising, Vintage Neon Clocks, and vintage collectibles. We also buying, trading, and selling of old signs such as vintage Metal Signs displays. Also objects like  Americana and Folk Art and trade signs. In addition Country Store, Primitives, and whatever else falls into this field. all of which you can buy with confidence. We offer a full money-back guarantee. 

As a result, we guarantee all of our advertising signs are old, original, and especially relevant. Also No reproduction or fantasy. Most noteworthy. I would be open to selling my whole collection of signs. Consequently very large and diverse it is 99% advertising. Consequently, the photos on my collection page are only a very small sampling of my collection. This collection has taken me 30 years To amass and I kept the best for last. Most noteworthy, it is all old, and classic antique signs.

Furthermore, situation, appearance, and lack of are important & impacts on value. In addition be very careful of thieves everywhere & especially on Facebook, ebay, craigs list. Also, we have created this Facebook page to make people aware of these scam artists.. ( Ebay Reproductions and Scam Artists ) Therefore do all Research before purchasing & Especially be careful on eBay. Finally, do your homework or you will get ripped off & these thieves are everywhere.

Original Vintage and classic signs are highly preferred by lovers. Their beauty is sustained because of ancient values. For reasons like, they are art also they are excellent conversation items. These signs were Used to promote everything from A to Z, products like soft drinks industrial equipment to household equipment, key styles include either porcelain (aka enamel), tin wood, fluorescent, incandescent neon, etc.

You can feel comfortable buying from a reputable dealer. There are many dealers selling fake signs that are very good replicas and unless you have many years of experience you could buy a reproduction, being sold as an original. These sellers are selling these ” meant to deceive signs” and they are made overseas, and are made to deceive. You can see them on eBay being sold as originals. Check my eBay name ” road-relics ” with over 1000 feedbacks at 100% positive and you will never see me selling these or any reproductions. In conclusion please email or call me for prices on my ORIGINALS.

You can also check out our other collection website Redhot-Roadrelics.

please call us at 612-723-1999 or   email to: roadrelics@aol.com for price and availability
Most noteworthy we offer discounts if you buy quantity…..will also buy for designers, decorators, restaurant chains… Also sold to restaurant chains like Famous Daves for many years

We travel all over the USA buying great  Vintage signs, and advertising signs of all kinds. We buy and sell only originals, NO REPRODUCTIONS. Mostly from the late 1800′ to the 1950’s. Please call or email with any great signs you may have for sale. We have highest paid prices for the best.
All my Vintage signs for sale are guaranteed 100% original company issue or a full refund including any shipping costs…

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